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Date: November 13th 1941
Mom and Dad

13 Nov 41

Dear Mom & Dad:-

Some days have passed since I wrote you last. I received parcels, papers and letters from you in the last few weeks and also a letter from Wannie.

The weather is very bad over here just now: raining every day and terribly mucky.

How are all you folks doing. Ive received information through the "grape vine" to the effect that Tick is seriously considering a fighting his freedom for the blissful state of matramoney. If he is, good luck to him. I should have done the same thing at his age. Tick was always more "grown up" and steadier than I was. I will probably be another "Uncle Mart."

You were asking in you last letter about my winning in the Div sports. Sorry to say but I didn't place in the finals. The only thing I won this summer was a medal at the Brigade sports. Ill ship it home the first chance.

Things are very quiet here just now. I forgot what an air raid sounds like.

My leave is due again any time. Its not likely I will take it until after the New Year.

We are still "playing marbels" like MA says, and may continue to do indefinitely. The YMCA is keeping us well entertained between games though. A movie on Monday, boxing tuesday and stage show tonite etc. A new program every week, we even have bingo games once a week, some fun!

I dont know if I can get anything for little Karl or not. Cupons are needed to buy anything that can be won and people are aevised to make use of their old toys as no more will be manufactured.

I may be fortunate enough to run across something though. I have a bunch of XMAS cards to get away today. So will have to quit this for now.

My love to you and all the family,
All the best

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