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Date: October 12th 1940
Mom and Dad


Dear Mom & Dad:

I received your parcel today and it was a beauty. The outstanding feature were the coins. I lent the coins to the boys going out to tea tonight. They want to show them to the people. As soon as I opened the parcel I had all kinds of bids for them, but no sale. I am going to send a quarter and two cents up to the little fellow up in Cumberland. Where did you get the half crown? I carried around for an hour before I knew what it was. I took it for granted it was a half dollar. Harry Walsh wanted a lend of it just to fondle for awhile. It was him who discovered it wasn't four bits. It will come in handy for tea and cookies at the Y.M.C.A. That is all I spend money for now. I go there and eat about ten times a day. No body draws more than ten shillings a pay day now due to the leaves coming up. I am going up to Scotland the end of the month I want to get a bunch of souvineers to send home.

And Lorna is going to do it up. Good luck. I dont think she could make a better choice. Bob is a swell guy, levelheaded and steady. I will try and find a little something for them up in Scotland. It may be a little late arriving but it is the best I can do under the circumstances. I told Dan that Lorna and Bob were going to do it up. "Too bad," says Dan "we wont be able to twist any gass money off her when we go back." Dan has picked up real good lately. He can handle his job with any of them now. He recieved a letter from home today but no parcel. I feel kind of sorry for him. When he do get a parcel from Mary, his sister, he shares it all around. I always give him some thing from mine. They are always promising him there are parcels on the way, but he never gets them. He said he is going to tell them to cut out the bluffing. I suppose his mother has it pretty hard going anyway. With Barny sick all the time. And the old man never did give her very much. I know it is not her fault. I was going to write her this evening but it too late now. Ill drop her a note tomorrow. She told Dan to tell me. I am going to write you a good letter soon - a sort of review of things. This is all for now.

Love Boyley

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