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Date: September 4th 1940
Mom and Dad

4 Sept 1940

Dear Mom & Dad.

Today is my first anniversary in the army, so I though that I'll write a letter home just to celebrate it.

Right now I am on an N.C.Os. course and expect to finish it up in about two weeks. It is very interesting. They teach us all the new tactics in modern warfare, and how to instruct and handle a section of men. Each of us have to lecture to the class on some subject taught the previous day. It is great fun criticizing each others talk. On these ocasions the colonel is always present.

Last week J.C. was on leave - incidently, he is a sergent now - and it fill my duty to handle the signal section. I was very glad to get the opportunity, just for the experience.

I handled them on a large scale over night scheme, an bought them through successfully.

Tell Bob and Lorna thanks a million for the Sweets Caps. I am saving for another leave and try to draw out only enough for the bare necessities. Cigarettes are very high priced, due to the war tax. So you can see how well I appreciate that generous gesture of Bobs and Lornas.

I received a letter from both you and Wannie yesterday. Tell Wannie to keep on writing. The kilt and medals are on their way. I also put in a little peice of Heinkle Bomber just for fun. If you want any more souvenirs of that class, let me know.

It is getting dark now so I'll have to quit writing. I have a little to study for tomorrows lecture, and so, have to take advantage of what little light that is left. The Y.M.C.A. is full of all kinds of musicial instruments, so no study in there.

Will write soon.

Love from Boyley

Will write Mucks to-morrow nite.

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