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Date: September 24th 1941
Mom and Dad


Dear Mom & Dad:-

A couple of weeks have passed since I last wrote. We are having some lovely lazy weather this month and I just can't settle down to letter writing.

A few days ago I received two parcels. One from you and Lorna. I just finished lapping yours up to-day. Lornas is still in my kit bag. I am saving the tin goods for a scheme, they are ideal for that, I just light a fire and use my mess tins for a frying pan and you know how I like coddling.

Dad, I am going to try another parcel to you. This time it will be "Bomb tails" and a few "Splinters." They may let that through. I tried to have them nickel finished, but no go. everything over here goes toward the war effort and nickel is rationed plenty.

I am going to write Wannie and Lorna today. I received cigs from you and Lorna some time ago. They are becoming exausted now. I owed most of them. We always borrow from anyone who happens to get them until we get our own.

I am sending a few clippings of sports day. They were printed in "Canada's Weekly." The group photograph will follow. It is enlarged.

Tell Wannie that I feel mighty proud of having that little guy who wears the three-cornered pants called after me. I hope that I will be able to do something that will make him feel mighty proud too.

I'll have to quit for this time. Thanks for every thing. Lots of love


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