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Jennie (Hall) Matheson

7 Lucerne Apts
Wentworth St
Winnipeg, Man

To Mr & Mrs Johns
Elimville, Ont

Dear Friends

Only a few days ago I saw in an Exeter paper that a friend gave me an account of your dear brave soldier boy giving His life for His Country.

What more noble deed can any man do. I know dear friends you are lonely and heart-broken at the thought that your dear boy will never come home again.

My prayer is that you may strengthened and upheld by our kind Heavenly Father and some day you will meet your brave soldier boy again in the Heavenly Home. How is Addie I send her sincere sympathy, the rest of the family will not remember me. but I send my sympathy to you all and whenever I visit Ontario I will come and see you. I do not forget the old friends. The years have brought many changes to us all. My sisters wish me to extend to you their sympathy.

We are all very well and like Winnipeg. I find the winters long and cold but our apartment is always very bright and warm

Your sincere friend
Jennie (Halls) Matheson

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