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Date: August 13th 1918

Seaford Sussex

Aug 13/18

Dear Brother

Just a few lines to let you see I haven't forgotten all about you. I got a letter from you about a week ago but I didn't write to you because I was sending mother a letter then. I have been having a pretty easy time even since I returned from my leave. Last week & this week we were doing hardly any drill. Although it was bad for a couple of days when we were marching with full pack I was glad when that was over. Last week end I applied for a pass and went over to Brighton it isn't far from here. I had a fine time. There are lots of people there just now from all over the country on their holidays. You ought to see the crowds along the promenade at the beach. It is just packed all day for a couple of miles along. There are two big piers built just for amusements. They are loaded with people too all the time you ought see the Jews around there. I never saw so many in my life before. It is like a new Jerusalem. You can tell them by their noses a mile away. They also have donkeys for the kids to hire and goad carts all along the beach. I wish you could see it.

How is everything around Kamloops now adays. Don't forget to keep giving me all the news. I was glad to hear that you and mother were going to the Coast. I hope you have a fine time. You will see 7 at Duncan and all the rest of the kinds I hope. You will have lots of news for to write then I like to hear of your fishing trips you must be getting quite a sport. That was to bad about Gatuis brother getting his drum taken off. Is Stan still Life saver at the park.

Well I haven't much news at present so I will have to close. Hoping this finds you all well as I am pretty good at present. Love to all

Your loving brother


PS. I am at the rifle ranger to day haying down by a red flag keeping people from going into the danger zone and getting shot. It sure is a classy job. But it is hard to write lying flat on the ground


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