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Date: August 4th 1918

Pte John H Robertson
1st Can Reserve
Seaford Sussex

Aug 4/18

Dear Mother

Just a few lines to let you know how I am getting along. I haven't had a letter from home for over 10 days now. It seems ages of course. I can't expect any more than I have been getting. I have had several letter from Scotland. I also got a letter from one of Aunties sons. Have you heard of her death yet. I was awfully surprised to hear of it. She died while visiting some friends in Edinborough. Heart failure I think it was. That was on July 6th, three days before I got my leave. I didn't hear about it till July 31st. I had written 3 letters and wondered what was the matter. It is just as well I didn't go to visit them while on my leave. The house would be all upset. I'm going there next time. I was very sorry to get the news. I had looked forward to seeing her on my leave and talking over old times.

I haven't heard from uncle Will for a while. But Harry [?] was telling me uncle George was in Victoria and uncle Will was [?] up. I hope I get to see them over hear when they come. I wish they could have made [?] stick outside the army. Harry gave me a couple of pictures of himself he got them taken on leave. I'm sending them [?]. I am also sending a couple of my own. I'll send one in this letter and one in a separate parcel with the others. They are not so elaborate as the go [?] but It is bad I think I hope you get them all OK. I'm also sending some snaps taken at Carlake while I was there. They are fine I think only one is a little hazy. you can se how tiny Aunt Jun is in the group standing up. She is just up to my shoulder. Uncle Davy's family are all awfully stuck on some picture Hannah sent to Aunt Jun. The all think it is something scrumptious. The are wishing Hannah would send them one. I guess it was one of those taken before I left home.

I have got two parcels of papers that you sent the first were way and fine. Then I got one yesterday dated July 4th all about Knutsford fair. Some class eh. I also got some from [?] so I got lots of news.

How is everything in Kamloops. Is Hannah back from Ashcroft yet. I saw where Charles passed in one of the papers. How is Dad. Just as usual I suppose. The hot weather will be bad for him over by that Furnace. I hope you get my little parcel O.K. It isn't much just a remembrance.

Well I haven't any more news at present Mother so I will close with bet love to all.

Your loving Son


Write soon

PS. let Charles keep the snaps amongst the rest of my collection then he will have some pictures too.

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