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Date: December 14th 1918

Dec 14/18
Rosrath Germany

Dear Mother.

Just a few lines to let you know that I'm still keeping well. I received three letters from home on the 11th there was one from you all except sonny. There was also two parcels so I was in luck. One was a xmas parcel and the other had been on the road quite a while. Both had cake & socks I sure needed the socks when they arrived. Our packs have been carried for quite a while and I have my spare socks in it. Among 5 of us in our billet there was six parcels so you can imagine the feed we had. That was at Kendenich about 6 Kilos from Cologne we had a bath there too and we sure needed it. The last one was in Belgium a month ago. I was glad to get a change of clothes and get rid of a few Crumbs. This marching sure is a great job for crumbs the enjoy it fine. We left Kendenich On the 13th and marched through Cologne. It sure is a fine big city we were two hours marching through it. We had fixed bayonets to impress the people I suppose. But it rained a steady down pour all day so we looked like a bunch of drowned rats. at 11.15 AM we marched past Gen Plumer Comander of the second army Gen McDonnell Comander of the 1st Div. Gen Clark of the 2nd Brigade. They took up there stand on the Bridge over the Rhine so we marched over the Rhine at the slope with fixed Bayonets and the band playing.


That night we stayed at Wahn in a big german barrack. It was the best quarters we have had yet on the march. Next morning we marched off again and came here. we are staying here to day but I dont know wether this is our destination or not. This is only a small village and we are billeted in the houses it looks as if it were a summer resort of some kind. There are quite a few fine big houses that look like summer houses. 9 of us are in this house. There is only and old man and an old lady in it. They sure are anxious to wait on us. They are running around so much they get our goat. It is a good billet.

How is everybody at home these days I hope you all escaped the "flue". It seems to be spreading all over Canada. Is Hannah still at Revelstoke. I've had a couple of letters from her since she went up there. I had a letter from Uncle will the other day He will be all right now the war is over I suppose Uncle George will get his discharge right away.

Well mother this is all for the present so I will close with love to all

your loving Son


PS I hear there is a big mail in so maybe Ill get some more letters today. I hope so anyway.

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