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Date: June 12th 1917

June 12

Fine & warm.

I asked for an interview with the General but failed to have one until late at night. I then received a very great shock. He informed me that the reason he removed me was on account of the complaint from the Division stating that he had advised the Div. that he would send another officer there in my place.

I have no hesitation saying that I do not believe this but the question is how to prove it without going before Gen. McAndrew.

The complaint came from the Div. on the 8th. Gen. McAndrew called on me personally on that night and put the matter in my hands to deal with the officers at fault and I gave him my word there would be no more cause for complaint and he went away satisfied with that. And there was no further complaint. The Engineers stating to me that the work since their complaint was exceptionally good. I told the General I was not satisfied and neither am I.

But what shall I do.

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Original Scans