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Date: June 8th 1916
Mr. Reid

Bologne France
Thurs. June 8th

Dear Mr. Reid,

Just a note to ask you to cable the folks that I am all right. I went sick the day after we were relieved and the Dr sent three or four of us to the hospital. I got a piece of shrapnel wound from a bomb in my foot on June 2 the day the Huns came over. They came down our trench bombing us out but we made a stand after retiring about 100 yds. Our Company was in a support trench not far behind the firing line. This trench when we left was the front line and the Huns were in our front line. The regiment has lost heavily about 300 left out of 800. They are out of the trenches and will likely be for some time.

Our brigade has lost a large number also the 8th (formed of C.M.Rs). I heard that one Batt. Of C.M.Rs only had 50 left. I don't know much about the 28th. They went up to the trenches the night we came out either Sun or Mon.

I don't think the shrapnel is in my foot. It is only a cut and will soon heal. If you will cable the folks that I am well. Major McCara was over to see me at the camp but I was away getting something to eat and missed him

I received the letter with 50 Francs and the money will come in just right down here.

If you are writing me soon use following address, -no. 3 Canadian General Hospital - Bologne France.

Best wishes to Mrs. Reid and yourself.

Yours sincerely

Jim Balfour.


Of the Saskatoon fellows in our platoon only Yorath & myself came out with the regiment. Tunner & Wilson wounded, Kisbey & O'Leary killed. Lum Clark (son of Rev. Wylie Clark) is wounded. Turriff (of the signallers) is all right. Bunn also signaller is wounded. I can't begin and give you the names and what happened them all.

You know Henry was at the divisional signallers' school and will likely not have been in the trenches.

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