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Date: February 6th 1917


Feb. 6./1917

Dear Mother,

I will take your suggestion and get some cards. The last two weeks I have managed to write Willie two or three times and that is all. Your letters come pretty regularly but there has been no papers since I came up here (Jan. 3). At Hastings one parcel came from you also one from Aunt Maggie, Beth & Beattie. Must write Beattie. The 2nd parcel you sent will likely come along one of these days. In Willie's letter he had received a parcel from home. His Battery is close to the 38th so he'll be seeing Gordon & Harry etc. Pa in his letter thought that I might know where Willie is but he hasn't let me know and not sure if he understands how. (Jim had a [?] code Willie does not know.)

I have been a little over a month here taking this course. There is a good bunch of fellows in this hut and the time passes very pleasantly. Though squad drill & [? left side of page missing] drill don't appeal to me and [? 't] do very well in them. Perhaps [?] because I know about how much [?] that is at the front. One doesn't need to know very much of that to [?] able to carry on. In the exams I've [? ade] good marks. Total Average 75%. Made several (3) 95% haven't fallen below the pass mark (50) at all, came close in 2 exams.

I haven't much hope of getting me home before going across, but I'll try. I haven't been counting on it very much so it will not be very disheartening. Also when wounded and leaving the firing line I made up my mind that I would come back again and I'll feel lucky. I've been very fortunate in many ways so have no complaints. In some ways this now seems to get a great hold on [?], you can't see the end and might as well be in it. I don't know if you understand me or not. But the way I feel now is that I would like to get home in a month or two but couldn't [? see] how I could enjoy myself with [?] the fellows over here. Likely [? it] is different when one gets home. The fellows here who have not been over say that if they had been to France and wounded they wouldn't go back to France. Canada would be good enough for them then. A fellow certainly changes his ideas after being over.

You asked what wedding I was at - Capt. R.C.H. Staples, Dental Officer attached to Canadian Command Depot and Miss Marian Watson of Brighton. I roomed with Capt. Staples at Shoreham, you remember, and it didn't take him very long to make up his mind to take the "High Dive."

You last letter is dated Jan.14th. A little over two weeks in coming. Pa Mary & Willie had birthdays last month. Many Happy returns to Pa & Mary. Hope Reg's cold is all better and that Arthur and everyone is well.

I'll close now. Will tell you about the parcel when it comes. Hope that things will be brighter in the spring. With much love to each one.

Your loving son,


Address my letters c/o J.A. Reid Trafalgar Blds. Charing Cross.

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