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91st Squadron
Camp Leaside
North Toronto

Dear Mother,

I apologize for not writing oftener. It doesn't seem to take much effort on my part to keep off writing. It would be more pleasant for me if I did write more frequent and perhaps you wouldn't strongly object but these pleasant duties are often neglected. Hope it hasn't caused you any worry and you will overlook my carelessness.

Finished the instructions in flying and 20 hours solo flying at Borden last Tuesday and uported[?] here. One feels that he has accomplished something and experiences many different sensations in the first hours of flying alone. I always had a certain amount of doubt about going solo but found it very interesting and pleasant and life flying very much. Went up for the first time alone on May 9th after 5 ½ hours of dual instruction. It was early in the A.M. and very calm & ebar[?]. Did four (good) landings on first trip. Next day made 16 landings in 1 ½ hours. 3rd day on the 5th landing crashed, my one and only so far, broke the propeller that is all. Have a snap which will get printed and send later.

One day flew up as far as Orillia around the shore of Lake Simcoe, often went over Collingwood & Barrie. Flew to Toronto one Sat. afternoon and back Mon. morning.

The O.C of our squadron at Borden told me I was somewhat of a stunt merchant. He was watching me flying one noon just before leaving there. He thought I felt quite at home in the air. I suppose the time put in observing helps one to pick it up quickly. I liked Borden pretty well - there were a good bunch of fellows and we passed the spare time pleasantly went over to Collingwood twice 35 miles drive, 5 of us in a Mercer car, it would hit 75 miles an hour quite easily. It was owned by an American boy.

I have another week here and then 3 weeks at (Cousin Marnie may be there now, Sorry I missed her, Hope she'll like it in Battleford) school of gunnery Beamsville. Have been up several times and Toronto and the lake look nice from a few thousand feet. We are not permitted to fly over the city or I'd go over Dymple's[?].

Spent from Sat. afternoon till Monday night at her place the past week-end. No flying on the 1st of July. It was raining and cold so did very little. I slept till 2 P.M. on Sunday and till noon on Monday. The more sleep you have the more you seem to want. Flew over 2 hours to-day. It was very bumpy this afternoon and felt kind of squeamish. I'm in 91 squadron with Kennedy a boy whom I knew in France and came home on the boat to-gether. He is a flight Commander, I'm in his flight. Reading over 3 or 4 of your last letters. Some questions you ask will be better answered as you remarked before - about asking time after time without any reply. Don't know how Miss Tench[?] was only saw her once and was to go back for tea but couldn't get away.

Have been to church several times in Toronto. Twice I was a pall(?)-bearer-fellows who were done-in flying went other times as well.

These snaps you wanted in return mail sorry to have kept them. Did you notice the prints are taken off wrongly. They have the wing on the opposite side (right side which is wrong), suppose it doesn't matter.

Georgi Styles is instructing at Borden - saw him quite often. Jack Ferguson is here and several other fellows in the cadets from Regina. Reg. has been taking responsible positions what! Quite young to be teaching in the Collegiate. The flying Corps has its draw backs non-making fellows go as observers-also N.C.O Pilots etc. Better not do anything for a while yet, they are over-crowded.

The cake was splendid and two or three enjoyed it immensely. I got the botton[?] so far. Left a large piece with Lund at Borden and haven't quite finished my piece. It was a real treat.

Hope you are all well, Mary Arthur-tell him I got his little note in your letter!

With love to each one
Your son

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Original Scans