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Date: November 1st

Canadian Command
Nov. 1st

Dear Mother,

Your letter dated Oct. 15th I have just read and have a few minutes to write now. By jove I didn't know that Wilf Wilson had died of wounds. I had a service card from him dated Sept. 28 and he said he was going on well and would write. But as he didn't write I sent for his address to the Red Cross Society in London. It hasn't come to me yet. That surely is awful. One of the best fellows, lots of life & go. He & I often worked together digging trenches, filling & laying sand-bags. He was always bright, cheerful and full of life. I don't think that it is right at least I won't think so until I hear definitely from some of the boys. Because it is more than likely I would have heard about it from some one.

I saw Tom Yorath's brother the other day and Tom is still O.K. Bob Turriff wounded-that is news to me. I must have "Canada" (Printed in London) sent to me it always has the casualty lists of all Canadians.

I told you Buzz Hamilton is up quite often. Cpl Stratford came up yesterday. George Rowand was in again. Stratford and I were in hosp. at Orpington together also at Epsome[?].

Buzz H. expects to go back to Canada any day now for a commission in an Ottawa Battalion. Stratford came to our camp to-day. George Rowand is marked permanent base and will get a job here in England or go back to Canada.

I was just speaking to Len McEwen (3rd University Company) He was wounded on June 2. Used to be with Percy Traub in the city hall. Len has heard that Wilf W. died. That is the worst news I've heard. Poisoning must have set in after he was wounded. Will find out what it was. But goodness gracious I wish he could have returned here. The O.C. (major Sparling) was asking me the other day about him. Would readily give him a commission if he returned to England.

I had a letter from Willie yesterday. I'll get leave to go and see him this week end if possible. Earl thought ward came over but Willie writes he was left behind. I'll know George Hamilton, Arch etc.

Too bad about Godfrey Parker. Clarence Smith is wounded. This war is certainly going home to Regina with hard blows.

I am all right here for the present. Don't make any arrangements with Col. Keenleyside for the present.

Must write oftener. The cakes, short-bread etc were greatly appreciated. Received Pa's letter of Oct.4 answer soon. Papers are coming regularly.

It is raining very heavily, makes quite a noise on the tin roof. There has been a strong wind blowing the last few days. The ocean and all around look very wild.

With much love to each one.

Your loving son

Never mind-1st just
Canadian Command Depot
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