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Date: September 15th 1918

1546 King St.

Dear Mother,-

Have started a letter to you once or twice but will commence over again. This a very rainy Sunday and I slept till noon and had lunch and then came down to Dymples.

Yesterday I got up early and flew 3 hours before noon. It was a splendid day for flying and enjoyed it more than I've done for a long time. Sometimes we go down and fly along side of a train and chase it for a while. It is interesting to dive at one and circle around it. We travel about 3 times as fast as they do. I've almost 50 hours solo now and should soon be finished with this course. I don't exactly like the idea of being an instructor. There is one place that would be interesting for me and that is flying observers at Leaside. That is the work I have been doing and am hoping that they will send me there. If they don't send me to Leaside but to Borden or Desrouto[?] where cadets get preliminary instruction in flying I won't like it. It would perhaps be useful for me to get more flying like that but I don't know. Will try for leave first in any case and then see. It will be about a week or two before this course is finished.

Margaret is trying to muss my letter, she is drawing her hand across the wet ink. I told her I was telling you what a bad girl she is and she put her inky fingers on the paper.

You are down at the lake. I saw Mr. Bole for a few minutes the other night and he told me about golf and the lake. Met Mr. Carter and he asked me up to his house will perhaps go some Sunday.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the lake. Mary & Arthur will be. Reg. is still at the leader[?]?

Will stop now. Received letter from you & Pa, answer later.

With love to each one
Your Son

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