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Date: September 21st 1917

Sept. 21/17

Dear Mother,-

A fine morning and have been up for an hour early, expect to go up shortly again so will try to finish this now. You will be reading about this push yesterday. It wasn't very large on our front but large enough to cause us to do considerable flying, in preparation for it and also while it was on. Before I told you what our job was so you will have an idea what we do while up.

Just received a letter from Gordon Gauld and he expects to be back in England learning to fly by the end of this month. We are going to try to get to the same place. I'm not sure when I'll go back, any time now. Dan Maclean is over in Gordon's squadron, will write him.

Willie owes me a letter but will write to-day and send a few frames. Cd¬¬ Stewart wrote and is still O.K.

A few nights ago after coming out of the air the recording officer told me another Canadian had reported, name-Laird. Came across to the huts and found Warry Laird. It was quite a pleasant surprise to meet a next door neighbor in the same squadron. He is in flight but within 20 yds. of us. He & I have spent a few hours in conversation. It is nice to have him here. Warry is a Pilot and has been up a couple of times already. Our flight don't go up with 'A' flight Pilots but we may arrange to go up together - Warry suggested it.

This is only a short note. Your last letter Aug. 12th with Auntie Jen's enclosure will answer later.

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays at the lake - send snaps. With love to each one.

Your son

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