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Date: July 13th 1918

From: London, Eng.
Eagle Hut, Am. Y.M.C.A.
Sat. 13 July 1918

Dearest Mother -

Well you see I am still in London and probably will be for four or five days yet. My pass was up Thursday evening so I reported back in Hampstead about 7 o'clock and was given a billet in a tent behind a house at No. 8 Fitzjohn's Ave., Hampstead, London.

The R.A.F. have possession of many of the fine large residences on this avenue and several hundreds of men are quartered there for a week or two as the case may be, waiting to be tried by the Medical Board and then, if passed sent away to some training camp. On Friday, we spent most of the forenoon cleaning up the billets and in the afternoon were on parade but did nothing. We were free at 5 o'clock (had tea at 4:00 - there was supper at 7:30) to do what one liked until 9:30. So, I took a tube at Hampstead and in about 20 mins. was in the heart of London again. It seems funny to be stationed in London like that.

Today, I was among several who were told that they would have to go before the Board on Mon. morning. Then the billets were scrubbed out and we have this afternoon off. Tomorrow there will be a church parade and the afternoon off.

Hampstead is one of the best residential sections of London. You know there are few if any residences in the business part of the city. The people all live around the outskirts and in such places as Hampstead, Richmond, Kensington and others - there are streets and streets of beautiful fine large houses.

If I pass this medical examination on Monday, in a day or two I will be sent to some training camp as Hastings or Bath. I have a slight cold but am feeling very well. I sometimes feel lonesome for the friends I left in the battery and miss my chum Casey very much, but then I am doing pretty well and know quite a few of the fellows around here already.

Of course, I have had no mail whatever, since I left the battery, nor will I get any until I can give them my address (a fairly permanent one) and have them forward what mail there is. I hope that everything is alright at home and that everyone is well. Best of love.
Yours sincerely,

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