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Date: December 11th 1918


My dear Gertrude,

I have just realized that if you should be at home for Christmas, I have not so far sent you any Christmas wishes. By the way letters are still arriving, this will be more likely to reach you in the New Year than for Christmas. Your last letter which came two days ago being dated Nov 17th.

At any rate, you will know I am wishing you a very happy day even if it be at home. If so it is hardly likely to be anything else than very near your day of departure & so a very busy & lively time & I hope a most enjoyable one, not spoilt by any shadow of illness either for yourself or those round you.

I have made a little more Christmas letter progress since Sunday - including to your Mother & also to Spencer.


Have a letter from you of the 17th so will answer it (see I told you this yesterday) You had been out to see the Stovs & had heard of the big prices in England - yes they can't be any cheaper than in Canada if as cheap - that is in a lot of lines - but nothing compared to prices here.

Four of us were in Tournai yesterday, fresh butter there is 11 that is $2.65 per lb & wax candles - ordinary small ones still 30 c each - they were 40 c a little while ago. Soap is much cheaper. ordinary bedroom cakes were 95 c to $1 & are now down to 35 c. Of course we don't pay these prices, as candles in limited quantities are a free issue, butter we buy from the E.F.C. at about 60 c a lb & soap at Blighty prices.

Heard from Mother at last on Monday - her letter had taken 6 days to come. She was wondering if you were on your way. Poppy had started work again & Auntie Kate was out & they were all clear of "flu" but it was still bad in Doncaster.

I won't prolong this letter or subsequent ones, as I hope you won't see them until at any rate you are receiving other more up to date ones in Blighty or we are together.

So merely my best love

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