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Date: April 26th 1917

3rd London Gen Hospital
April 26. 1917

My Dear Mother:

Sister is kindly writing this letter for me as it must be over a week since I wrote you last.

Since writing you I have had a minor operation in the course of which the insisted on giving me gas - my system couldn't stand this and Ive been more or less knocked up with it ever since.

Ive been just about as bad as the time when I had appendicitis - the latest news from the battalion is that only 83 out of all those who went over the top answered the roll call.

Im going to try to get a casualty list from the war office. I haven't been able to find out anything about the men in the company.

The hospital I am in was organized before the war began as part of the defence scheme undertaken by the [?] forces - It holds 2000 beds and they say they are going to extend it to 3000... the main building is of brick & stone and was built after the Crimean War as a school for the orphan children of soldiers and sailors. At the outbreak of war in 1914 the children were immediately turned out and long huts were built and joined up by long corridors.

They have treated me very well - so I don't mind being here a bit excepting for occasional pains in my legs.

I was brought in out of the general ward today into a little side ward so as to get me away from the excitement. Its near the kitchen ward they manage to drop as many trays and altogether makes as much noise or more than the general ward.

Please do write me frequently. I'll cable you any change of my address.

With love to all
Your affec son

Please excuse scribble as I've written this in the semi [?] being night time.

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