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Date: May 8th 1917

Dearest People

Just a line to tell you that I am getting on very well now and that I hope to be up at least in a chair every day from now on. Just as a sample of the past three weeks I have copied my chart on the back of this. The night of my operation here I had a rather nasty hemorhage (sp?) and was moved next day into a private ward all alone and only got back into the big ward yesterday. The day before yesterday I felt so welI got up & dressed (sox, slippers & dressing gown) & had the orderly push me out onto the verandah. After sitting there for two or three minutes I could feel a fainting fit coming on & out I went. When I came to quite an audience had collected & I was being put back in bed. This is the third time I have fainted since wounded. Of course I've had two operations and considerable loss of blood which probably accounts for most of it.

Wess Erskine was in to see me yesterday & the day before. He is as fat as butter and just as brilliant as ever. He says he wrote you telling all about my condition. He expects to go back to France again in a week or so. As usual he was short of money and I only had 3[?] and a few pennies. He took the 3[?] to get back to Hastings.

Mrs & Miss Read came up from Hamton about two weeks ago and Miss Read came up on Thursday. She is coming again on Tuesday. I've also had a visit from Carl Mitchell who told me of Charlie's death. Poor chap it must have been hard for him to leave. I'm sure I would much rather leave from France than as he did. Tell Ruby that I am awfully sorry.
I've had a lot of other visitors mostly officers from the battalion who were wounded and are now on sick leave including Geo Holman, Monty Hall, Stewart Scott, Symonns, Monty Gerest, and others, Harold D-H was in to see me yesterday and Miss D.J. his aunt is coming to London on Thursday and is coming up to see me too. They have invited me to spend my first leave with them at Rymington. Just how long that will be depends on the medical board. I rather think my leg will help me a lot in that.

Well Old Dears, I'll try & write you again more often now that I'm feeling so much better and will let you know what kind of kindness the medical board hands out to me.

As Ever

Yours Lovingly


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