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Date: October 16th 1917
Mother & Dad

Oct 16/17

Dearest Mother & Dad

In my last letter to you I did not give you very much news. I was so busy being engaged to the finest girl I have ever met that I really had not much else to write about and of course you would not appreciate anything along that line especially since you have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Steve and until you do know her anything I might say in laudation of her would appear foolish to you. In any event, being something of a critic along that line as you all so well know. I have only to say that no girl I have ever met has ever shown the cool practical brain & at the same time been so truly womanly as Steve. You, mother, are excepted from this but believe me, Old Dear, it is awfully hard for me to tell which of you I love the more. So just a word of warning - we are going to be married just as soon as I can afford it.

Almost every afternoon while in Lindsay I went out to the Golf Links with Steve. Sometimes Uncle Lou was along sometimes others and once Richard & Harold & I went alone. We were up to Aunt Lilas for a meal or so and went in for a while each day. On Saturday we went to Caroline Marsh's for tea Wed to someone else for Dinner Sunday to Aunt Lila's for lunch back to Steves for tea, to Flavelles for the evening and to Uncle Lou's to say good-bye. Uncle Ed arrived home Saturday night but I did not hear it until Monday morning when he phoned me. Steve had gone back to Toronto at 7.35 AM so I went to Dunsford at 11.50 AM had dinner there and went thru L to Toronto at 3.30 PM. The gloves you sent by Uncle Ed I gave to Gerald & Will. It was almost pathetic to see how they admired them.

Steve met me in Toronto & we had dinner at the King Edward. Then I took her to her rooming house - by the way - her address is - Georgina House. 106 Beverly St, Toronto - please write her once in a while any old ow

At ten oclock was pulling out from N Toronto for Montreal & arrived here this morning about eight. Had a shave & hair cut and came here for breakfast. Just as I walked into the dining room a chap Peters who came over on the same boat met me & gave me breakfast. Then I called up Major Cape and was invited to lunch and Lady Bury & was invited to dinner. Then I went up to D.H.Q. & got final instructions to report at Shed No 7 this evening & was assured of a good stateroom. So you have my plans for the day. and as there is nothing more to write of, I only wish now to send you a whole lot of love for each and everyone and to hope that your shadows may never grow less and your appetite never increase.

Your Loving

PS. I saw Edwin, Margaud Edwin on arriving in Toronto I phoned about five and again at six gave E some time trying to explain why the kiddies had not come to see me before and let him understand that I would not appreciate such actions. Of course that is a mild way of putting it. He had received a severe blow to his self esteem & thot to put me in my place. I refused to stay put.


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