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Date: September 2nd 1916
Mother & Dad

Sept 2/16

Dearest Mother & Dad

Both your letters of Aug 10th & 13th and by the same mail one from Stell by typewriter. Believe me I do love to get letters from you both much more than from anyone else because I then feel how much you care for me and it helps a whole great big lot to make me careful because I sure want to come back to you. Life is lovely after one has been here for a short time. God has been very good to me so far and I realize more everyday just what it has been for me in the past to be allowed to have such a good time. When I come back I am going to be such a stay at home old foggey that you will wonder what has come over me.

The bible you sent me Mother is just fine. And I really appreciate it more than you would ever suspect.

I am awfully glad that you all went away for a holiday. And I really am trying hard to keep my expenses down so that I can send you some money but even here in the field there is always something to replace and our messing to carry on.

In my last letter I described my feelings while under fire but I must say that I have a much greater fear of gas, machine gun and snipers than of artillery fire so you may depend that I am taking no unnecessary chances. We have been out for sometime now but I suppose we cannot expect to stay out much longer. Just to-day we were issued with Lee-Enfield Rifles in place of the Ross.

Last week we had a false Gas Alarm about midnight over which we naturally had great excitement.

Well Dearest People. Tomorrow is Sunday and I am going to Church Service. I go now every time I get a chance.

Yours with love

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Original Scans