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Date: 1942
Claude Senton

No 2

Dear Folks -

Received your letter OK and glad to hear from you. It snowed quite heavily on the way down, so wasn't surprised to hear you had a little, of course we [?] [?] [?] before we came to Montreal.

That's good that you [?] over to see Gordon before the [?], [?] [?].
I wrote Glen & also the teacher, as [?] haven't had a note from either of them, been wondering if the letters are sewed up in the censoring office.
Say would you mail my rubbers down, plenty of rainy weather over there. I'll mail you my suitcase, and camera shortly as we are not allowed to really have them, we mostly in the wood.

Did Lill get her books, yet?, should know her ABC'S by now my Lill.
Had another thing, best way to save money was to mail it to you Mother and then you can out it in bonds for me in your name & if anything happens you'll be able to get it O.K, otherwise the red tape here would probably, you'd never see it. I am sending forty a month, starting this month so after the 30th you can expect a cheque, better take about seventy bucks for a couple things you need, probably get them pretty cheap if you got them in the city.

I numbered these letters, best way to keep track on them, always look at them and you'll know if you short any, this is the second.

That's about all for today, we had a road march up town today, just about supper time, food fairly good; must write Cecil some day. Tell him we're O.K. no flying here.

Good Day


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