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Date: July 31st 1943
Claude Senton


July 31st 43.

Dear Folks -

Just writing you & hoping your well. I'm on leave just now for a couple of weeks, nice & warm down here compared to Scotland, cooler at night on the island, although one sleeps better. Just now its too warm for dancing & also drinking beer, so really am putting in a cheap leave, resting up again, meeting some of the boys, but plenty of them have had it, I'm not fooling coastal is O.K. - very fortunate.

Suppose everyone is lying around suffering from the heat. Are the boys going to Reg and [?]. - I know Saskalass are having one - maybe your going?

What's Glen at - still doing alright & of course Lill too. May get a little promotion some day & sign over little more - wish you could drop Glen for fifteenth a month more & I got a little - sure save our necks afterwards, find out will you. I wrote him but never hear anything. I receive your cigarettes before coming on leave, thanks again

Not much for now folks, soon be supper, food is good at the club here, can buy cakes & bars etc, also get plenty of hair oil so just forget me asking for some

Your son, Claude.