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Date: April 5th 1943
Claude Senton

April 5/43

Dear Folks -

Must write you, haven't done so for over a week, hope you received the others, also send you a cablegram. The Canadian mail has been help up somewhere, although some has been coming fast lately, got a letter from Glen & also Edith. I never hear much of Lewis, hear from Gordon & Cecil, letter give me Lewis' add. Our observer knows the Gordon boys at North Bay, telling me one's in the army? & [?] but doesn't know their add. over here Two of the gang from North Bay.

Received some cigarettes from Glen. He's telling me of his crew, having a chance as Way[?], I told him to forget it, stay at what he's got.

Probably be getting some more leave soon, see a little more this country, still have a few pound so, making one O,K,

So Gordon may go up to Alliford Bay, thats a great place if the summer the japs will be over, has he still got life insurance?

Pilot from Toronto, one from Wpg, one Port Arthur, rest also from east, all Canadian except second pilot

Should be on operations next month, coastal command, at O.T.U now. We're a Sunderland for a kite everybody takes turns cooking We were to fly today but there's a gale on just now, so I'm sitting around the fire now, its 430, soon have supper; RAF gang show on today so shall go to see that.

Intend to go & see that show Road to Morroco you know starring Bob Hope & Bing Crosby (when it comes)

London is a fairly good to go & spend leave, also many others of course in Scotland & England

Say must be getting little spring again, much snow?

Let me know the run of things, what does Bill know guess he was home on leave? So you'll some be getting Easter Holiday, ay, Lill, well me too

So until I write again Adios for now & 73's


And say it ain't flight/sgt yet thats the way Glen addresses the letters now, wait a couple of months, probably get back-pay or what have - but takes time to come through