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Date: February 29th 1944
Claude Senton

Tuesday Feb 29th

Dear Folks -

Hope this finds you all well. I'm in good health. Has been some time since I last reveived a letter from you, your last letter of Jan 28th, but apparently you have not been receiving mine, because I received word from Ottawa to that effect. None of the boys have received any mail for some time here You should have received some by now Mother. I been writing ever week, a couple of airmails & a couple of surface letters a month. Also sent a cable yesterday.

Received a letter from Edith yesterday writen on Jan 20th, she's back teaching Coastance again. We were on leave a couple of months ago, I enclose a snap of myself in one surface letter. When my warrant officer - second class came through I signed over $23 more to you, starting Jan 1st also you will receive a victory bond sometime in April I told you of seeing Bill McIntosh in London. I'm certainly surprised at Glen & Price wanting to come overseas, in their job they are in the best possible place.

Have received a letter from Lewis & answered it but suppose he never received any of my letters either, from now on I'll send you a cable each month

There isn't anything I need except what about that green suit of mine, is it any good maybe if you sent it over, I may get it cleaned. If it isn't any good forget it. All the boys in camp have some civis & I just borrow a good sport suit, hi one most go to Dublin in civis, think I'll go and see it, all the bright lights, etc

Must sign & hope you receive those other letters

Goodbye for now folks

Au Revoir - Claude.