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Date: July 23rd 1943
Claude Senton

July 23/43

Dear Folks -

Received those cigarettes you send Mother just the other day, really glad to get them, especially as I may be going on leave again shortly. None of us have received any Canadian mail lately. Just wondering if you received all my letters O.K. I wrote you three so far this month & three in June I believe, Also wrote Glen two or three.

I had mentioned a few ideas in those last ones, just wondering what you think?

How is the crop this year & other things. Everyone here thinks we will have a couple of more years of war yet.

Time going very slowly for me as I'm not doing very much flying myself, had a change of crew although everything was going O.K., the country is full of aircrew

Yesterday was pay day, went over to another town, walked, close by bought three eggs each & had tea besides, also couple of pints of beer Every week or two we just go to some other town for a change although not much to see on the Island, much warmer too on the main land.

What are you doing these days besides eating strawberries, can you buy bannas, some say you can't buy one at the lake this year, suppose you have been out?

I'm going to start using the straight razor for awhile, never used it yet. The main thing I need is some hair oil, vitalis, send a bottle every three months say you know, also 2 pr of shorts, & light braces please, any time will be O.K. Mother

Well Lill you must be getting to be a big girl now, should get a picture snapped & send over if I get a change I'll have one taken in battle dress.

How is Grandad & the rest. Must say Goodbye for now -