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Date: January 9th 1944
Lewis & Mary
Claude Senton

Sunday January 9/44

Dear Lewis & Mary -

Have your letter Lewis & also the parcel Mary - very glad to receive them, thanks a lot. All the boys in the crew put most of everything in together & we had about anything one would think of. I also receive a parcel from home & some cigarettes from the Homemakers at Simpson before we came on leave.

Certainly hope you both enjoyed Xmas & New Years, also that five days off Lewis. I guess Jean must be getting to be a big girl now. Time really moves along, it's got me, everyday is just another day, if there is no flying, etc no flying & everybody has a beer.

Don't forget to enclose a couple of snaps as you mention Lewis & I'll enclose one of myself in this letter. One day chum & I took some good ones but he is on a different station so haven't had a chance to get some.

As for Xmas, that was one day we had to work & missed the turkey but about a week before the crew had bought one so had a crew party one nite - hi. O.K. too, everyone had to make a speech or else buy the rounds at the pub, but we had plenty of bottled stuff. Anyway we pub New Years in the city.

My chum here in the crew had to be best man at brothers wedding on the 2nd so they both talked me into going - had a good time, some good food & some drink.

During the week have been seeing a few good shows, plenty in town, This is the Army, Lets Face it, & The Miracle of Mordons Creek, and also taking in a few dances. The time goes by, & then we are back at it again.

Everything is going well over here, the war never looked better & people are looking towards the end of it, plenty of troops, etc no reason why we don't win this year & the boys bought war saving bonds to help also. Gordon says they went 90% over there objective out west.
Sounds as though you are having a very good winter out there from what I hear, nothing like mild weather.

Oh yes Lewis, who do you think I ran into the other day, Bill McIntosh, spent a little time with him but that was the day I had promised to go to the wedding. The boy seemed O.K., moustaches are on, that I lacked old boy.

Received a letter from Gordon & Cecil but guess Glen & Price are enjoying themselves in the Peg.

Haven't been skating but suppose your probably enjoying a little of that about now, ay?

Gordon says Lill has sure grown. I never heard whether they closed the school or what happened, expect I got a couple of letters back at station, has been a few days now.

About No 1 on the hit parade over here now is 'I'm Getting tired so I can sleep', whats hitting Canada 'Either too young or too old'? The home coming waltz is holding out fairly well also.

Well folks must Adios & thanks again for everything

Au revoir