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Date: January 17th 1944
Claude Senton

January 17/44

Dear Folks -

Received your parcel the other day, had received the other one sometime ago. Also another one from Mary & one from Edith, they all had cake in them, so I'm still eating cake, hi. As you said the butter did kept very fairly well, that parcel I'm sure was losed for some time. Also received your letter Lill & say you must be getting to be a big girl now better have a snap of yourself & send one over. I wrote you a surface letter last week folks & included a snap of myself, hope you get it O.K.

The weather out there sure doesn't sound like winter. The flu has been bad ay?

Sounds as though that Xmas concert Lill wasn't worth going to, but I suppose you are at Nokomis by now.

I saw Bill McIntosh for a few hours in London, he is getting on to the way of things over here I beleive. About Lee Howie, I didn't happen to know anything about him.

Have signed over an extra $23.00 a month starting Jan 1st so you will be receiving that also, & also a victory bond, pay so much a month 8.40 for six months & bond to be send home, maybe they'll send that to you when it is payed for, sometime in April.

Received a parcel from Mary also & some cigs from the Homemakers. Got a letter from Gordon too. How is Grandad these days? Cecil wrote me a letter too, so have had plenty of mail & food, etc.

Haven't much nes as told you all in the last letter, so for tonight must say Adios. Guess Glen is one year older ay?

Au revoir

your son -