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Date: January 24th 1943
Folks & Lill
Claude Senton

January 24/43

Dear Folks & Lill -

Received all three of your parcels O.K. everything was in good condition. The cake was sure good, six of my chums & I ate it, of course I help eat there's as they get it from home.

We have just finish a [blank] course in gunery, topped the course in sighting, a little talk of getting a chance of being an instructor, don't know the score as yet. About seventy five in the course. Have not started flying yet, we were to on Sat, had just got out ready to take-off when it started to rain, today being our Lord day, sometimes work on Sundays., tomorrow may be flying will be O.K., have some more drogue shooting. There are ten of my chums here so having a good time. Got Gordon's letter, wrote him, Glen, & Cecil, didn't get his card, here all the time from Edith & also received a parcel, cigarettes & writing case, so can write plenty of letters she says.

We've been in Scotland, England & Wales, speech is the [?] difference, plenty of beer drank here. I more or less stopped since I lost my pen New Years nite. I have a break on my just now, its the food. We had beer & turkey for Xmas dinner at camp, can buy steak & chips in town for 1.00, also go to sows, pictures come from US, a little old mostly, showing Gone with the Wind lately.

The roads are real narrow, concret with high ledges on each side, real small car, I hear there some US cars in London, must go up there when we have leave. Not much butter over here & no eggs, some of these powder eggs aren't too bad. Just now I am confined to camp for 7 days along with about 30 others, we have P.T. at 6.30 in the morning, don't happen to get up, so had four nites & Sat morning PT in the gyp, & when caught the second time got 7 days, just writing letters now. I told you about getting letter from Janet & cheque of 100 from the Homemakers, answered that a long time ago. I can buy plenty of cigarettes here, & 2 bars a week, & I got some socks so am O.K. The flashlight is real good & OK on the stoop. Better grow a little flax this year looks like about a year or two before the end, although Lords of London are betting 2 to 1 for the end of June. I don't expect to get into the battle before July. Wrote Gord an airmail letter. Will look up the Gordon boys when in London, can be done through the Canada House there.

Too bad about Horning, couldn't of being only 45

O.K. on MC's boys &Glen, where's Tim [?] is now?

Can't say much more now, we are allowed four of these letters a month, this is the third one I have written, Glen & Cecil. Some of the boys parcels were in the fire, cake made us sick but yours was O.K. came later, boat fire in Halifax saturated with fire extinguisher dope.

So Lill, can sing, ay Lill, better not start smoking cigarettes, just chew (chum). That makes it O.K. the roads being open, but what happened about the tires thought you got some in the fall. Gordon must be finished recking that sawmill now, tell him to hang to ground crew.

I have nothing but pounds over here but am used to shilling & pence, half crowns its now, at first we couldn't figure it out.

We really had a nice trip over, big gang, wasn't sick, good meats, cigarettes were real cheap 70ȼ for 200, U.S. luckys, camels, etc. buy all you liked. The gum is no good here but don't chew much, maybe have you send some over for flying, helps clear one's ears, haven't had a flip over here yet as can't say what's the island like from the air, & can't go to Ireland, would like to see it, now's the chance. Haven't been in any air raids yet or seen any for that matter saw some bombed out places though. Everything is much the same at home I suppose, no winter here much, like rain mostly. We go swiming a little, thats about all, except of course doing P.T. now. Must say Adios now & hope you get this letter before too long. Mailed you a airmail the other day, Mother.

Your son -