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Date: July 11th 1943
Claude Senton

RCAF. 422 Sqd.


July 11/43

Dear Folks

Received you surface letter of June 12, forgot the last date I wrote you. These letters are about just as fast as the others taking about an extra ten days. Received your parcel on the 2nd, very glad to receive it Mother, everything was O.K.

About the butter in the other was O.K. but the oranges do not keep very well. I have plenty of soap etc, only need in the future, couple of pr. of shorts, pr. braces (light ones) have plenty of socks, tobacco, etc.

Everything carries on here, nothing very exciting, may get ,eave again shortly, the change mostly seems to be the biggest part of it
So your having plenty of rain, thats a good thing. Must be a cause of all that flu really taking a heavy toll, ay.

The district has changed a little from when I lifted, Horning etc., but no new cars ay, just machinery And Glen back, O.K. on the lighter forget that, just thought I may as well have one , smoke mostly when on leave, you can't imagine how it keeps ones nerve steady as well as passing time All us lads in the services seem to get cheesed off so easily, I guess its because of routine & not having to think much for yourself, but all want to see it through to the end, I guess there will be a few changes afterwards

Well I wish Glen would start thinking, get a little second hand machinery & maybe be able to start, probably one of us work in a factory until things go O.K. Ideas I guess.

O.K. on everything you said in your letter & also Gords add. I see Mͨ Gregor often, but he doesn't know much more than I do.

We get plenty of books, mags, etc & listen to the radio a lot, plenty of forces programs on every nite from ten to twelve, then the news & so to sleep. Every day is the same, never know when its Sunday anymore, see more bicycles & what have you.

And O.K. on sending me gum, don't trouble too much with parcels, must be getting to be a chore.

Really haven't much now to say tonite, listenting to what's called a play while writing this.

Goodnite for now folks