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Date: March 26th 1943
Claude Senton

March 26/43

Dear Folks

Received all of your letters I believe, & saying you were sending a parcel, very well, I have most everything, sweater, soap, plenty of shaving soap - only things I ever will need now is razor blades, although we can buy some here, the cheap ones are O.K. for my beard.
If Glen sends some cigarettes about every three months like he did that's fine, we are to get 20 many here each week but don't get them at this station, doing less working now, on leave is the worst.

Everything must be looking O.K spring again, no snow for me you know, just a windy & cold in winter, so for north. Well be on leave again, end of month east of England & Wales. We are allow so many travelling warrants a year.

Got a couple of nice pictures from Edith, haven't heard from Glen for a while, guess I'll write him again.

These air mail letters are rationed now to 6 a month Went to show last nite but had seen it before, I've saw most all the show ever showing up in Scotland since we came over, England gets all the new ones, hear Stlangaird is showing in London.

What doing over there, no new cars etc now I suppose. No changes here, we can buy bread, pork & beans, etc so don't send any canned ones, fruits would be O.K., never mind sending to many of chicken, you'll need the jars, hate to through them away & there hard to pack.

Where's Gordon? Our observer was telling me about Sam Gordon's fire in his laundry last Sept, comes from h. Bac Where's Leo, Bill or Bob, just see what the boys are doing?

Still on coastal, will be for a year I guess. At the end of the page, no welch rabbit up here like we eat in Wales, hi

Kicking off - Yours Claude