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Date: May 18th 1944
Claude Senton

May 18. 44.

Dear Folks -

Have received an airmail from you recently and also parcel containing sweater & pyjamas. Thanks alot. I have most everything I need.

Didn't happen to receive the parcel containing the food - the one you thought would be here at Easter. Anyway I been lucky received most everything you have sent.

O.K. on the names you sent me I also managed to find a few more. May need to know them. I am well & everything is going O.K.

The war looks much better in Italy now, We've a radio of our own so listen on it alot.

O.K. on Glen, bet he doesn't like that very much. I can't send any of those short cables anymore but mail is going over better now anyway.

O.K. on Gordon & Lewis & rest - suppose you are seeing alot of the gang these days.

Would you take enough money of mine & send over a thousand cigarettes - I owe a couple of hundred otherwise I'm O.K. Haven't been smoking very heavy lately seem to get a headache from it. My arm is a little stiff - have been playing ball, also had some P.T. today.

Haven't much more to say folks tonite - really no news. Hope the spring work is coming long. that rain you mentioned should start everything O.K.

How do you like your pony Lill?

Goodnite for now