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Date: November 18th 1943
Claude Senton

Nov 18, 43.

Dear Folks -

Received your airmail of Nov 4. & all O.K. on what Ottawa says, but I only put three days in Iceland. Have been on leave since & back at the flying again; so guess I was only slightly injuried.

As for the length of the time in the water it isn't worth speaking of, our F.O's isn't Bishop but I know him & saw one of his crew in hospital at Iceland, just sleeping two rooms from where I was. Our skipper's name is Hollus. so how [?], oh, oh!

About the parcels, O.K. I will be looking up until here I guess and then we expect to be on leave.

Oh yes, about the teacher looks as though Lill will have to start on the Simpson propaganda, at least it should be better.

O.K. on that turkey dinner I missed Nov. 11, bet it was good. Anyway these parcels sure sound good, that everyone sending over, wish it was Xmas.

We were very close to Iceland when we landed, the weather was poor, & we are going to try for the gold fish (little lodge) for begin in the dinghy (rubber boat), use it to get to shore. Plenty cold up that way & sure isn't the place for me.

So Glen & Price are still the best two little chums yet ay? Suppose the boys are thinking of Xmas next, well I never thought of it till now but I hope Glen sends some cigarettes for Xmas (or "next" year) probably be more like it. I haven't a great deal to say been mostly on "go" lately, something to do usually & playing bridge on the side-line.

And so you received a letter from Aunt Wilda & every little thing is just O.K. ay? & cold in Montreal. May get to see Joe as he is in the same hospital as one of our engineers, was out there one Sunday when last on leave, must have been in bad cond. And also be on the look out for Bill, may just run in to him.

Just about time to eat again supper time, had tea about a couple hrs. ago.

So for now au revoir