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Date: October 26th 1943
Claude Senton

October 26/43

Dear Folks -

Received you letters, Lill & Dad, suppose by now harvest is all forgotten about If I would have had Joe Gordon's address while on leave could of saw him because I was out to that hospital to see one of my chums who has a broken foot.

Have just finish our leave, wrote you a surface letter about over two weeks ago & hope you receive it, telling you of a few cities I saw.

Everything goes fairly good with me - receive some cigarettes from Lewis' wife Guess Glen & him are at home now, ay? Got a letter from Edith & she was saying Cecil knew I was a flight sgt now, he got my letter, haven't written Lewis of his wife yet. So Gord's in Allyord Bay, oh oh! What about Glen also says going to stay at the Reg. I bought a fifty dollar victory bond pay about 8 something for 6 months you will get the bond in time, send home. Our men get over 5000 dollars worth, also we'll be signing some more over as soon as things are straightened out, what about Glen. I saw about everything to see over here now including Ireland & Iceland, maybe Bill someday. We had a great time on leave at London, met a pretty red head so went dancing & saw a few shows together, but don't figure on getting married in this country. This is all a military secret now Well Cherio - Claude.