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Date: February 18th 1917

Bramshott Camp,
Feb. 18th, 1917

Dear Mother,

Just a few lines to let you know that I'm getting along fine, and hope this finds you all well as this leaves me, and that Majorie's got over the cold you wrote about. Everyone seems to get them over here lately. We have had quite a cold spell this last week or so, and could not get rid of the idea that I was in Manitoba again sometimes. But we are getting a thaw now, and it's looking the same old sloppy England, again, as it did when we first got here; but we don't mind it half so much I guess, as we're getting used to it. Well mother, you'll be wondering what we get to eat over here. I think we get better looked after than in Canada, but since we've been quarantined we haven't been able to get down town for little feeds, so it makes a difference. A lot of us say we don't get enough to eat. I must have put on forty pounds since I came here, in spite of our harder training. As to the leave, we're supposed to get it still, but we can't get any leave at all just yet. Well mother, Mr. Gordon left us last week for a course at Cromer, and we might not see him again, and most of our officers are having to leave us, as they most all have to come down in rank before they go over, and I think the whole Batt will be split up in a few weeks, unless we go as a Pioneer Batt, as there is some talk of, but I hardly think so. I think they are awfully slow at getting us moved, as there are lots of fellows I knew at camp last summer that are gone.

Well mother, I heard you had some awful cold weather at home, and hope you manage to keep warm in that big house. But don't forget to tell me how you are getting it fixed up, as it's nice to know what's going on at home. Well mother dear, I'll have to close now with love to all and hoping you are all well, from your loving son,