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Date: July 18th 1918

July 22nd 18

Dear Mother -

So glad to receive your welcome letter the other day. I also had one from Joe, and a parcel from L.A., so you see I was well away. The next thing I'll do will be to thank them all for it, so tell Auntie I got it in good shape. It was a cake, and it went fine. Well Mother, you seem to have been getting horrible weather up to the time you wrote last, and out here it seems to keep exceptionally fine, and there's nothing like it. There's not much mud sticking around the trenches now, and you bet it's nothing to be sorry about. Well I suppose by now Joe will be thinking about his binder twine again, and getting into action. I hope everything turns out good. I wonder how your garden is and if you've been working as hard as ever on it. How is Marjie getting on? I'm almost too late to send her happy returns for her birthday, so I will wish them instead. Time goes so quick, it's hard to keep track, isn't it. Well, I'll have to be closing for this time, Mother, hoping you are all well, and best love from your affectionate Son,


P.S. Everything's lovely, ... be sure not to worry.