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Date: March 5th 1917

Bramshott Camp, Hants, Eng.,
March 5, 1917

Dear Mother,

Just a few lines to let you know I got your last letter and that I was glad to get a letter from you, and I hope by the time you get this that you'll be over the cold spell. Joe must sure have had a time of it, the time he got lost. Ask him how he likes sleeping with them. Better than the snow, anyway, isn't it. I can just think about you worrying, but we're both alike, we're sure to turn up. It makes me think about the drive home last Christmas. I wish I could have done the same this time. Well mother, you'll be wanting to know what kind of time I'm having, and how I liked my leave. Well mother, the leave is still coming, but some of us are getting away this week, and unless we get any mumps cases, I'll be going next week. You'll be glad to know I'll see Granny first and then go to Sheff. Your letter showed me a mistake I made. I got mixed up with Mrs. B and Mrs. G, when I first got here. I got a Christmas card from Winnie and her boy, and when I wrote I thanked Katie for it, and didn't write Winnie at all, so I'll have to write tomorrow. I guess they expect me any time. It's just the same as it used to be at camp with the leave; they don't let you have it until they are good and ready. Well mother dear, we're still living good at Bramshott, and don't even kick about the grub now. We are supposed to be on war diet now, but we are getting better looked after here than in Canada. We get more variety anyway. The only thing was don't get enough of is the mail. B sent some cake at Xmas, and the first I knew of it she wanted to know how I liked it. But I guess it got lost. I think I got all yours, and I was glad of them. But I wouldn't send any cake as nearly all our boxes get broken, and it's too bad to get it spoiled. The last one I got, though, came fine and I liked it.

Well mother, I guess you'll be over the cold by the time you get this. It's nearly spring here. We saw a skylark, and it got looked at more than an airplane. Well, there's not much new this time mother, but I'll be able to tell you more after leave, so I'll close now, with best love to all and hoping this finds you all well and that Marjorie is over her cold, from your loving son,