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Date: October 30th 1918

Seaford, Sussex October 1918

Dear Dad:-

I must try and write you a few lines today tonight as no doubt you will have heard Jim has been in England for a few days and you will be anxious to know if we had a visit together.

Well, he has been up in Scotland for a few days and just arrived here last night. We had quite a visit last night and I got off today and we spent the day in Seaford town. We sure had some old time visit. Of course, it wasn't very long but the place is a rather dead afair so we had a quiet place to spend the day. He was here a week ago Sunday for from noon till eight P.M. and went back to London then to Scotland. He arrived here yesterday at 3 three P.M. and I was excused duty the rest of yesterday and today so it wasn't too to bad. Of course I would have liked it if I could have got my landing leave and went toScotland with him but as we are under quarantine am thankful for what I did get.

Jim lefto for London at four P.M. today and has to report at six 6.15 to morrow morning to return to France. No doubt he would have just as leave be leaving for "Canada". However, he isn't downhearted in the least and expects has hopes of being home again in the sweet long ago by and by.

I received the check about ten days ago and the money order Garnet sent me yesterday, had no trouble getting the money. It came in just at the right time. Any way when we parted today we both had enough to do us for a few days more. You have no ided idea of the price of every thing in this country.

Jim had his picture taken in France London and had the proofs with him and they were sure good. We intended to have ours taken to gether today but as this is Wensday (sic) all the photogaphers (sic) were closed.

I received considerable Canadian mail lately. Mary's was the latest she told me you had finished corn cutting. Was glad to hear it.

Must close for to night. There is so much noise I can't hardly hear my self think and also have a lot of work to do yet tonight.

Love to All

P.S. I sent some souviners (sic) to Jen that Jim had. The small cards may not be of much interest to you but take good care of them as if Jim ever gets home he can tell you a few intersting (sic) yarns about same.


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