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Date: December 21st 1918

Overath Germany
Dec 21/18

Dear Sister

I received your letter of Nov 23rd yesterday and was glad to hear how everyone was getting on. I hope you all escape the "flue" it seems to be having quite a [?] in Canada these days. I got a letter from Mother & Sonny yesterday. So I got lots of news. I have also been getting lots of parcels lately. I've had several from home and also one from Isabel Dunsmuir & Gerlie Fox. I had a letter from Tina saying she had send a box of chocolates to my address in Seaford but I dont suppose they will ever get this far. I also got a parcel yesterday from Grace Brooke. do you know her. She works in the Hudson Bay now. Its sure is good of them all to send something at Xmas. We had some great feeds these days. In the gun section that I'm in there are 8 men and we get more parcels that all the rest of platoon. One time we got 9 parcels for [?] of us so that is going pretty stronger. I had a letter from Uncle Charlie the other day. They had just got over the "flue" I suppose Uncle George will be discharged by now. We are in a small town here about 8 miles from Cologne. We crossed the Rhine on Dec 13th at 11 AM so we are about as far as we can go into Germany The next move will be towards Canada I hope. I'm sending a few PC of this place. They look pretty but they must have been taken in the summer. Yesterday it Rained & Snowed nearly all day and made things pretty sloppy. Today it still looks bad but it hasn't rained much.

I am writing this in the guard room we came on duty at 9 o'clock this morning and will be on for 48 hours. That will leave us off just in time for Xmas.

How is the world using you all these days. Whatever you do don't work too hard. I'll have to close now as news is scarce.

Love to all
Your loving brother
PS. I sent Charles a Listening Post. It is the 7th Batt paper. I hope he gets it alright I also send one to Uncle Davy & Ross. It was pretty good.

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Original Scans