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Date: April 10th 1940


Dearest Jean:

I thought your last letter from this side of the Atlantic had been posted [censored]

lights instead of visible land.

The weather cleared off this morning giving us a beautiful bright day - [censored] "fair weather" sunset. [censored] to reach [censored] morning. It is questionable how long we shall stay there - but I am hoping that we may have a chance to [censored]
with us, although I don't know him by sight. The passenger list is pretty small, but I am surprised to see that there are quite a number of civilians, several ladies, and some children too - people returning home to England.

To-day we made a full reconnaissance of the decks - and most of the inside rooms of the Cabin (First) class part of the boat. As time goes on we may extend our explorations. There has been a definite heavy swell sweeping in from the open Atlantic - giving the ship an easy roll - so far I have been feeling first class - and am pretty sure that I am going to be a regular customer of the diving saloon. Bill seems to be perfectly fit too, so maybe we are going to be good sailors afterall.
I forgot to return a magazine called the "Royal Engineers" to Colonel Jenkins, at Work Point Barracks, Victoria. It was in on the desk in the living room - his name is written on the front cover - would you wrap it up and send it to him.

There may be another magazine the "Empire Survey Review" belonging to Mr. R.P. BIshop, 1118 Langley St. Victoria. I had put it in a large brown envelope to take back to him - but think I forgot, it should be on one of the shelves of the desk too - Those are the only two commissions I can bestow on you just now.

I am looking forward to a letter from you - and will call at the Bank of Nova Scotia as soon as we get to London.

Its bedtime - how about warming up the bed? Good night dear & God bless you both -


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