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Date: April 10th 1940
Jean & Mary

R.M.S. Duchess of Bedford

St. John, N.B.


Dearest Jean & Mary:

We are, as you see, on board - have a nice little cabin, Bill and I together, right up on the top deck where there is lots of air - and we have cute little beds to sleep in instead of bunks. I must make this brief because they are going to sail this morning, and all mail must be ready in a few minutes.

We got into St. John about 9 o'clock last night - our train was late 2 ½ hours. Charlie & Joyce Swannell had been to meet us, but at the schedule time, but thought we had misconnected. However we got in touch with them by phone, and Charlie picked us up at the station, took us up to the house where we enjoyed a lovely dinner that Joyce had re-heated - It didn't suffer from the re-heating however. Had a pleasant visit with them till about 1 this am and then we came to the boat & went on board. Had the pleasure of seeing some more of Joyces water-colors - two lovely ones they [?] proud - similar in style to the ones she sent us and the Swannells at home.

There are a small number of officers and men going on this boat, and we have already started some appreciable acquaintances - The officers seem to be a fine lot of men.

It is quite a big boat, about the size of the smaller Empress boats ie the Russia & the Asia. The appointments are very comfortable - if not too up to date.

It is hard to say when we will get to England, and we don't even know when the boat will actually leave to cross the ocean - we might call at Halifax or [?]. I will cable you dear when we arrive on the other side - and you shouldn't look for word sooner than 2 or even 3 weeks -
Everything looks favorable for a most interesting and enjoyable trip.
My heart is back at our dear little house with my sweetheart and my baby - keep your courage up - and we will all be happy & together again before too long.

The whistle has blown - so I must get this into the mail box.

Bye bye my loved ones -


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