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Date: April 17th 1945

30 Cdn Air Survey Liaison Sec, RCE

Cdn Army England.

17 Apr 45

Dear Jean:

Your letter of the 7th arrived yesterday, but I hardly had a chance to read it, let alone anser it. Visitors all day, nice people but the kind who have no consideration for MY work, they even stayed for supper, we had given them a special lunch. Under the circumstances I was under greatest restraint not to be rude, however I wasnt. Then I was just settling down to try to catch up with the job, when my young friend Rechard phoned that he was coming out, had just arrived from the US HQ in Paris, He is a fine lad, and as it is likely the last time I may see him till after the war, (hes going back to the States), I was glad to see him come along, BUT it makes it all the harder to win MY battle. He wants me to outline a proposed syllabus for courses in Air Survey at the U of Wyoming, where his father is dean of the graduate school (maths). He's a rare chap, and I'm sure we'll hear more of him in the years to come. Its good to make a young friendship like that, good for me.

Have been in a funny frame of mind lately, waiting and waiting for a definite decision from our CMHQ on my plans, getting fed up, at the same time almost wishing that a decision might not come too soon, to give me a chance to clean up my magnum opus, which will, in a sort of way, embody the fruits of my main self appointed problem, since I first was taken onto Gen McNaughtons staff in early 41. Just the last few days I seem to have got the last snag ironed out, in the bag, and it is realy an elegant method, and definitely original. Now to write it up, get it printed, and out. I am very happy about this, and simply must get it completed. That is one reason why rather bother some visitors like those mentioned at the top are a bit trying.

This afternoon, while I was just winding up a lecture to my guinea pigs, the phone rang, and it was my Lieut col bloke in London to say that the General has approved the proposals for me, WoW, so now it is a matter of not many days. Have to dress up pretty and go into town in the morning, possibly have an interview with the old man, who wants to see me personally before I stat on my trip, will get more deatils tomorrow, but with luck I should have just enough time to clean up my report, it will be a bit abbreviated, but will have the meat in it, and perhaps it is just as well, as my worst failing is to be long winded.
When I can, will give you the best picture possible, and eventually a list of addresses, with estimated dates, and as I said before, I will be able to write to you regularly, but getting your letters will be hectic. Altho there will be a lot of stuff to keep me on my toes, in many ways it will be a complete change, and a complete rest. Even the enforced waiting which will be inevitable here and there along the route, will be like a complete vacation, Feel too that it has just about come in time, because as long as I am in this little workshop of mine here, will never catch up to that illusive something that keeps luring you on. A problem solved usually means better equipment with which to tackle still more problems, I love it, as you know, but feel that I'll go crackers if it keeps on without a change.
Figure about 4 to 5 months, and its funny, but I feel in my bones that I'm starting on my return home to you and Mary. Granted, it's a little roundabout, but there is the luscious feeling that I'm on my way. I've been stuck here a long long time, Bill and I landed in Liverpool 5 years ago this morning. I also am sure that the trip will speed rather than delay our reunion. Most of the people here seem very pessimistic about a quick return of the Cdn troops to Canada. Will give you more dope when I get it.

It appears that Trorey is taking over my unit here, he has already arrived, but stayed only a few days, and today went on leave to Scotland. He will not continue the work I've been doing, but has certain occult projects of his own. He's a queer one. Think he has been wearing a bit thin with the people on the other side, and they are glad to get him off their hands in a nice sort of way. It is queer, his brilliance and drive seem to be offset by an intense and puerile passion for rather cheap and vulgar kudos and publicity. His motive seems to be mainly "how much fame will this bring me?" He can have it, both the brilliance and the glitter.

Have been approached by a very powerful financial group here who are interested in commercial air survey, they are intersted in exploiting possibilities in BC and Western Canada. Its just sort of a preliminary sparring session, as parties to either a fight or an alliance, must first get together to size each other up. They are satisfied to wait till I get demobbed before either makes a definite decision or proposition. They have however definitely offered me a commission to report on the situation when I get back, whether we later get together or not, and will pay for my services as a consultant. This is confidential.

This letter is all about myself dear, sorry.



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