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Date: April 25th 1945

25 Apr 1945 MAJOR, GSO2


Dear Jean:

Your old man is a bit tired tonight, and the formality of the typewriter is just too much. Have been stretching out a bit the past week in effort to get my report in good shape before I may have to leave it. It is the best I've done yet, and it is pretty important to get it in circulation now. Its funny probably because there is a lot of satisfaction for me in the accomplishment of what is behind this write-up - it will likely fall on barren soil, be viewed through dark glasses and be given a deaf ear. There is one person whom I want to see it and soon - Andy McNaughton. He is one who will see the meat in it and the possibilities - Maybe I can see that a copy gets to him.

Your letter of 14th came today. You will miss The Fifes and heres looking forward to entertaining them together on their next visit. Luckily have a copy of my letter of 28 March, so will forward it tomorrow, AirMail. It is rather an important link in the chain.
From all accounts my trip is going to come through. Saw the Guard last week and he was very nice about the whole thing - the wait now I for the detail arrangements to go through and that involves a lot of cables, and replies. At any rate am not chewing my finger - nails.
Haven't been out to any of our friends for over 2 weeks now. Had to plug right through the week-ends - However may be able to go down to Haywards next Sat or Sunday. It will be a wonderful relief to get this thing cleared up - tidy up a few other details, pack - and be off. The forced leisure of waiting which is inevitable with a trip like the proposed one will be a welcome change - just to have the time and relaxation to think things over. Think about my family more, and about LIFE in more general terms than triangles, parabolas and what not.

Your letter is a fine one dear and I must see you & our Mary soon. My reaction to Roosevelts death was very similar to yours.

Well dear - Heaps of love - must get to bed.


A very much enjoyed letter from Mrs Swannell - tell her I am so pleased - Her letters are always special.

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