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Date: August 9th 1942

No. 126

Major GS Andrews, RCE

Survey Directorate

HQ First Cdn Army Overseas,

9 August 1942

Dear Jean:

Arrived back at our HQ just in time for supper a couple of hours ago. Had a pleasant trip back, the same route as I went down, but made better time especially the last 6 miles through a heavy downpour, got soaked, but had a good hot shower and changed into dry clothes here, and felt all the better for it. Waiting for me here were your airletters of 19 and 26 July, the pencil too which looks OK - Many thinks dear. Also Mary's letter posted 30 June. Glad her birthday party went off so well, and that she came up from her swing bump wanting more - that's the spirit I like, she probably gets a lot of that from her mother. You must thank Mr & Mrs Kinnear for me and tell them that Axel is a splendid soldier, and I think he is going to get placed at last.

My week at Haywards was a wonderful holiday. Spent practically the whole time on the wood pile. Saved and split several large trees, mostly oak, some beech, apple, and ash. Also cut off several large limbs from huge oaks, and reduced them to firewood, they were as big as trees themselves. Was in bed every night by 11 and too tired to read more than ten minutes. And what food gobbled up about a dozen eggs, and all kinds of fruit and fresh vegs. One afternoon we, the two girls and Mrs H went in to the nearby town, in the bus and saw the movie, and had tea. This was my treat, and they enjoyed the outing even if the pictures were quite poor. Mr H arrived at the station just in time to catch the same bus back to their place. He took several half days off from the office in London during the week so that he could join me in some of the jobs. It was a good thing that I worked hard otherwise I should have gained pounds and pounds. They certainly fed me like a prince. One of the chief pleasures was shaving only ever second day. Also worked outdoors stripped to the waist, so that I really got some fresh air sun and wind on my hide. The only trouble now is that I'm much too healthy.

These airgraphs to Canada are an innovation which came about while I was away, and it will be interesting to see how they compare with the eastbound service. They are a bit hard to read in miniature, but I hope the underlines will help to follow through. Bert Hayward always gives me a good book, this time he has given me "Men and Politics" by Louis Fischer. It looks like a real good one, from the outline of contents in front. They were delighted with the sugar and the cheese I took down, from your parcel. Sometime I hope you will be able to meet them, Bert Hayward is one of the finest Englishmen I have met. You must tell Mr Hall about them, and they always ask me for news about him. This looks like the end of the sheet.

All my love dear,


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