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Date: August 12th 1940

C/O Chief Postal Censor

London, S.W.I


12 Aug 1940

Dearest Jean:

Yesterday is the first Sunday in many that I failed to get your letter written - I tried to get another letter doped out to the family - and decided to type it. Well I got bogged down - you know how slow I am on the typewriter - well I was still plugging away at it when everybody else had gone to bed. So rather than try to write you, in a state of acute brain lag, thought it would be better to write you to-day after a good sleep. Yesterday p.m. I went out with Mr. MacDonald for some motorcycle practice - and we called into the Haywards for tea - at Dorking. They seemed glad to see us - and are all well - the two girls are home for the vacation. They are not far away from our present location so I may be able to see them occasionally.

Friday was a big day - 2 letters from you - 14th and 20th July including Mary's post-script which was darling. You know I think the child shows indications of genius. The photos of Mary are wonderful - I like them all - they seem to show her in a different mood - The one of you & she on the sidewalk is especially smart - a nice one of you too. Mary seems to be quite pleased about it all. The one of her hanging on the side of the crib is a real prize - mischief and impudence personified - My I sure like to have these photos - it brings you both nearer to me - and helps me to visualize Mary's growth and development.
I had a short but snappy letter from Captain Bowden - with a p.s. by Miss WIlde - you can tell her how pleased I was to have it - and that I shall be writing them a combined letter soon. Letter also from Hugh Hodgins, one from Axel. I will be writing these when I can. It seems that there has been some reshuffling going on in the First Branch - some of the moves I hope are permanent - especially if Dick Orchard is now Chief. Havent heard from F.D. Mulholland - but if you should see him, I was talking about him to Col. Lloyd - who seemed to think he needed a man like F.D. here in connection with Forestry affairs - and it is just possible F.D. may hear form Col. Lloyd directly.
Your plans for the house sound ok. - I hope I will be able to send you a little more soon - Nothing definite yet from the W.O. about y transfer beyond what I told you in my last letter, except that I have heard that the Chief of the Imperials has verbally consented to my being allowed to transfer - so no doubt the final papers will be along soon - the thing is to be retroactive to 10th July. A full basement is important in a small home, and make the contractor put plenty of windows in the basement as well as a door & steps leading outside. Hope you were able to get a satisfactory deal on the car, with our home located there - we shouldn't need one so much anyway. It will be nice if you can get settled in the house before Xmas. It would be nice if Gert could find a job in Victoria to keep you company - she is an affectionate girl - and I think you & she would get along better than Betty for example.

Lorne Swannell called me on the telephone the other day - he is located not too far from us, and we are going to try to get together for a week-end. He had a good crossing - Its just possible I may be going down to where he is on business tomorrow It would be great if we could arrange a leave together. Lorne would be ideal company -
We are gradually getting settled in our new quarters and when all the fuss settles down I am going after some action on my own behalf. try and get settled into my own work at last - I'm getting a bit mad now. Four months here already and still fiddling around.

Well dear - I'll get a better letter written next Sunday - I find that is the only day when I can be sure of no interruptions. All my love to my two best girls - and there aren't any here to come anywhere near you two -

As ever -


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