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Date: August 16th 1942

No 127

Major GS Andrews, RCE

Survey Directorate

HQ First Cdn Army Overseas

16 August 1942

Dear Jean:

Your airgraph of 2 Aug arrived on 14th, and your large parcel containing the lighter arrived safely the day before. Thanks dear, have put the lighter in reserve, as the first one is still working fine, Mrs Morris was delighted with the peppermint chocs. Last week I mailed you a parcel from her she said the bag could be your birthday present. It is a lovely one. Also in a separate parcel sent a little toy dog for Mary from Anita, wrapped and addressed by herself, and also in it I enclosed a broach I bought for you two years ago in Cambridge, but somehow it got into the box of things I left with Haywards, and resurrected when I was down there on leave. You need not send sugar because our army rations are ample, and you will need all your ration for preserving etc. We miss the Nestles coffee, but the cocoa powders are a good substitute. A flannel shirt would be very welcome for winter months. I can get gloves here. The tobacco has been holding out fine and I have been able to accumulate a nice little reserve for emergencies. Luckily was able to buy two pipes in town last week my favorite make, had not seen any on sale for almost two years. Glad you got a decent coat, It is a good idea to fit yourself and Mary out in some good clothes now while they are available. Your airletter of 26 July brought the good news of Malea's marriage. Send her and Frank my best wishes for their happiness. Then followed the sad news about Ruth's husband. Poor girl - what a terrible tragedy. Will she go and stay with your Mother now? My article has been published in the Royal Geographical J. but I haven't rec'd a copy yet. Am getting some extra ones, and will send you one of course. They are also getting some separates for me so I can send a few to our friends who might be interested. A trip down to Calif would be a nice chance for you and Mary and a treat for your family down there. I cant help hoping that you will be able to move into our own house when you come back. Its not so bad during the summer to be in with friends, but in winter indoors anywhere seems more crowded, and its pretty nice to have your own home then. Perhaps Ruth would like to come up and stay with you and Mary for a while. I met Lorne Swannell by chance in London last week, he was returning from leave. He looked fine, and we enjoyed the contest. He was at a dance last night at his parent regt. Col Meuser and Mrs. Macdonald & lady, and Ecila and I were there. Saw Ronnie Young who has just become a captain, he worked with Mr. Campbell of the Photo[?] Div. It has been rather hard to settle down after my week's leave, but guess I'll get more [?] up next week. The weather has been frightful, rain at the slightest provocation. And hardly any sunshine. Truly this is a gloomy climate. Think I'll need a good holiday in the sunny south after this war. Your birthday will not be far off when this reaches you, wish I could be there to celebrate.
All my love,