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Date: August 28th 1945

Manila, 28 August 45

Dear Jean:

The nicest thing about my arrival in Manila day before yesterday was being presented with 2 letters from you, one posted 4 August, the other posted 12 August. Good work dear, and it was brilliant of you to enclose the copies of the earlier letters, as the only one of all your letters that seems to have missed me is No 11. It was impossible to tell much about my addresses & movements in the SWP before actually getting home, However the cable from Melbourne did the trick.

You will likely receive a cable today that I sent yesterday I was not allowed to mention even possible dates, but tried to tell you that I hope to arrive home 15 September. I leave here for Hawaii about 1st Sept. and will spend about 4 days there visiting one of the US mapping units, and then try to get on from there to San Francisco either by plane or boat. The movement arrangements from Hawaii cannot be definitely learned here. However it will all work out it has done so far, just fine.

It was wonderful to catch up on news of you and Mary. Her 6th birthday sounds like something she will remember, thanks to her dear Mummy.
I was thinking that unless you are keen to try to go down to Calif, it would really be better to wait in Victoria, because then I wont waste a minute getting up there from S.F., and I am very ready to get settled quietly with my family and just enjoy being at home. I am now becoming a bit travel weary - and need a bit of quiet and relaxation. Also I am anxious to see the [?] mender people as soon as possible. Your remarks about the Orchards indicate that Dick has had a bit of rough weather, and I'm very anxious to get the full picture as quickly as possible.
If I got to Ottawa say late in October I am keen on you and Mary coming along with so that we will not be separated even for a short while, and I want my family in the East to see you both. We owe it to them. If I have to make one more trip to England, don't you think the 3 of us should go! Next spring in the old country would be a lovely time for you to see it.

Poor Manila has had a terrible knocking about, both from Allied naval bombardment, and from Japanese scorched earth tactics. It is still a most interesting place, and must have been very beautiful before.
Am hoping this will get to you in about a week I'll cable again from Hawaii.

Love to you both.


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