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Date: August 30th 1942

No. 129

Major GS Andrews, RCE

Survey, HQ First Cdn Army O/S

30 August 1942

Dear Jean:

This is a nice Sunday evening, not quite balck-out time yet, and a nice time for a chat with my wife, a one-sided chat, but I can "pretend" that you are sitting beside me, and listening. Your airmail letter with the photos of 14 August arrived on the 25th. Was glad to have the pictures, and especially one of you. As I look at it. I long to be there beside you, holding you in my arms. It is a lonely time for us, because there is no one who can take your place inside my heart. Someday this will be over, and we will be together for always, in the meantime we both must be brave and cheerful, and keep faith, in each other and in the outcome of this war. I have been fortunate in making good friends here, and it helps a lot to keep on an even keel, but there is a yearning inside that only one can satisfy - and that one is you dear. so I look at your picture, and wish that you did not have to be alone, and that I didn't have to be too, I like all your pictures that I have with me, they are so natural, and well they are just - you. I feel proud to when I look at them, -- words are so futile, but in you dear, little Mary and I share the greatest treasure we could think of. Have been doing some more wood cutting this week past, cut up all the tree we felled last week, including branches, into firewood, and this afternoon trimmed off the second tree ready for felling. Ecila has been away for a few days, stayed and had supper with Mrs M last night, as she was all alone, and Bert Hammond came over this afternoon, so the old lady had us both for tea again. We didn't stay for supper though. We have had some really warm days last week, more like real summer than any time this year. It rained hard last night, and was cloudy today, but maybe we will get some bright weather during September. You seem to have solved Mary's aversion to walking "in public". The snaps of her are dear, she looks very much like you in several of her pictures, and these last show how she is shooting up, no longer a little rolly polly, but a sturdy active little body. I think she should be allowed to take dancing lessons soon, it is a wonderful thing to develop and retain the limbs and poise and balance, grace of movement. Perhaps you can find a good dancing class for little tots. I shouldn't worry about her being camera shy, Expect your next letter will give me some idea how long these airgraphs take, and if you find difficulty in reading them. Sent you a one-word cable yesterday for your birthday, hope it gets there by Tuesday. The one word covers everything. Will be sending you a sp'l remittance of £25 this week, will amount to about $111. You will be needing a bit extra by the time it gets there. Would send you more, but its wise to keep a little in reserve for emergencies, here. You should be getting your increased dependents' allowance by this time. Well dear, I can see the end coming up, and there isn't much more to say this time.



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