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Date: August 1942

No 125 (?)

Major GS Andrews, RCE

Survey DIrectorate

HQ First Cdn Army,


Dear Jean:

I am typing this on the dining room table at Haywards, and it is Margaret H's machine. She has very kindly scrounged paper, carbon etc for me, and thought I should have an eraser too, but I assured her that I never bother to erase any mistakes. It is the first day of my leave, I got away about 3pm yesterday, and with two small haversacks slung over the carrier of my bike, like a pack-horse with my Cowichan sweater as a top pack, set out. I wore only shorts and soon took off my shirt, as it was a lovely warm sunny afternoon. Was able to avoid the main roads practically all the way, so that my route was through peaceful farming country, and tiny little backwater hamlets. The road although narrow, and windy, had a good surface, and there were plenty of ups and downs, to talk up the ups, and coast triumphantly down the latter.

Wthout trying to break any speed records, I got here at 6 o'clock, and Mrs Hayward made my a cup of tea at once. I meant to say a pot of tea, because I drank fully a quart of the refreshing beverage. Mr Hayward, (Bert) is home for three days, and Jean, the younger girl is home for Summer holidays. Margaret of course stays home all the time, because her eyes are very bad, and the doctors wont let her continue at school, It is a pity because she is a bright girl and would have done very well. was a bit tired after the long bike ride, so we just loafed around till supper time, and after till bed time. Had a nice refreshing hot bath before turning in. The air is lovely and cleane and fresh here, as it is right out in the country.

"Byewood" which is the name of Haywards place here, is looking lovely. The rains have given the grass a fine green color, and the flowers and garden are in excellent form. Since my last visit they have had the decorators in to plaster and kalsomine, and are still getting the furniture straightened around. We woke up this morning to the accompaniment of a good smart electric storm. I thought it was a blitz till I really woke up, The rain stayed on most of the morning, so Bert and I rearranged the furniture in the living room. The main item being to move a large but very beautiful book case. Bert H is a well read man, and has some fine books. Then we hooked up the radio, putting in a ground line, and an aerial. After a wonderful dinner of roast duck, two of their own birds we spent the afternoon cutting down two large trees. I did the work aloft, cutting off all the limbs and the tops before felling That kept us busy till dinner time. Now I feel tired and very contented. They are wonderful cooks, Mrs H and the two girls, and they make the most excellent coffee. Bert gets it from friends of his who are importers, and the girls blend several different kinds and grind the beans fresh before brewing. It is unusual, as you know, to find good coffee in this country. This is certainly a wonderful change, and it promises to be the best leave of all. I have till next Sunday.
There was no mail from you last week, but just as I left yesterday, an airgraph came from Graham. It was very sweet, and you can tell him that Mary's Pop was delighted. Was surprised to see it addressed to Major A. because I knew that my letter to you would not have had time to reach there yet. A large parcel came from you early last week, It had been posted about the 19th June. It came in very nicely. I took several things and still had some nice things to bring with me down here for the Haywards.

My visit here makes me think so much of you and Mary. This is the nearest thing to home, and I keep thinking how nice it would be to be home with you, on our own place and doing all sorts of odd jobs around the place like we are doing here. It will be a wonderful thing when we can be together on our own ground.

Gordon Godwin, called into the mess for a short while last week, he used to work for the forest baranch. He is over here on some special work for the National Research Council at Ottawa. He flew over, and expects to fly back. He is a great friend of Hugh odgins and Lyle Trorey's.

I must quit now, as the black-out is overdue, and the dining room is all windows. Will rite again next Sunday when I get back Forgot to bring a card for Mary with me. You can make excuses for me.



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