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Date: December 7th 1944

30 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec RCE

C.A.O. 7 Dec 44.

Dear Jean.

My departure on the present trip came too soon for your letter 26 Nov - however it, and the next will likely be waiting for me when I get back. Am on a visit to various of my colleagues with the army, arrived by air yesterday - we are in a Dutch town - and is it flat country! Went down to Antwerp this morning - and imagine it is a very fine city in Peace Time - Now, and especially today in the rain, it looked somewhat bleak. We stopped in at an ultra modern hotel then, very fine, and had coffee and ice cream. However the ice cream was mostly ice - and not the Royal Dairy Kind, in other words not much milk in it. This afternoon, in this town I found some nice post-cards for Mary - so will be able to resume my old habit of sending her a card.

I seem to have a faculty of picking out distinguished personages for travelling companions The only other passenger in my plane yesterday was General Burns - whom I used to know 10 years ago when he was a Major. My contacts with him in this war have given me the impression that he has [?] high hat just a bit, It was he who effected my transfer into the Cdn Army in '40-Anyway it was interesting to see him again. If it had been Andy McNaughton, we'd have been in a technical "huddle" all the way.

On the way here we touched down at Brussels for a few minutes - but I got glimpses of that city from the air, as we circled low coming in. All the boys say it is the best town.

Tomorrow I expect to go down to Ghent for a few days to see Trorey. Understand they have a wonderful set-up there in a University.
Of course on this side of the channel the traffic moves on the right hand side, and long straight stretches of road make it more like home. Have not had a chance to size up the Dutch people yet - but they are generally intelligent looking, clean, and seem friendly. One of our units occupies part of a school bldg - and yesterday saw the children having their Santa Claus party - Mary would love the childrens clogs - and if I can get a pair, will send them for her. The noise will likely be true murder for you in the house - Holland is having a sad time, and has had 4 ½ years already of German sublimation - The flooding of the country is the worst crime. The Germans should make reparation in land for that.

Will write again soon - Love to you both


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